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Get To Know Us.

GrowStocks is an organization that wants to help Growtopians by giving them a detailed overview on each item and its economy with a lot of cool widgets and easy to read graphs. The project is founded by Matteu, co-developed with DataCell.

What We Do.

GrowStocks is useful for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can calculate potential profits, using our time-price graphs for every item in our database. Sellers can check the current prices of items, and make informed choices about when to sell. GrowStocks makes price-checking easier, because we’ve already done it for you! Simply search for your item, and its price and history will pop up. GrowStocks will work harder to improve your user experience, by introducing more useful features and forging stronger bonds with our users!

Price Checking

Motivated to help the community, our ever growing team of editors and interns is working round the clock to make updated item prices only a few clicks away. Why visit endless trade worlds when you can easily and effortlessly browse and check every item's price without being affected by in-game lag and spammers?

Payment Processing

In a digital world, online payment processing systems have become a central part of our daily lives. GrowStocks aims to bring digital World Lock payments to the next level, by making payments between users easier than ever through the GrowStocks Pay platform.

Online Marketplace

Selling an item? Buying an item? For years, the only solution to doing so was visiting BUY+ and SELL+ worlds, and endlessly waiting for buyers/sellers. At GrowStocks, we take your time very seriously. Hencewhy, we've created the marketplace. With just a few clicks, you can create an offer on our marketplace, which thousands of our visitors visit daily, simplifying your life.

And much more!

From shop services to set planning, going through Discord bots, GrowStocks is not and will never be afraid to keep expanding its plethora of services, so long they simplify and beautify your game experience!
We love lifting heavy weights for you, and it looks like we aren't stopping any time soon.

Project Updates.

  • 90%
    SCSS Framework (StackCSS)
  • 10%
    API (Laravel)
  • 5%
    Website (React.JS)
  • 5%
    Discord Bot (Discord.JS)

Status updates

  • StackCSS nears completion & API work started

    - The semi-stable version of the StackCSS framework has been released.
    - Work on the API is in progress.
    Saturday, July 17, 2021